James W. Oiler

Commander: Cadot-Blessing Camp # 126

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Gallipolis, Ohio

80 Wayne Lane Thurman, Ohio 45685

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Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War to conduct

Reburial Ceremony of WV, Civil War Soldier.


The path of progress of the new State Route 35 through Putnam County, WV recently found an unusual obstacle that the state department of highways had to manage.. An old cemetery, containing a Union Civil War Soldier,  Private Roland Gillispie. The Gillispie Cemetery, or by some called the Roach Cemetery, lies directly in the path of the new highway. Private Gillispie, Company F of the 7th WV Cavalry, will be reburied with military honors in the Springhill Cemetery, May 12, 2007. The ceremony will begin at 10am in front of the Ferrell-Chambers Funeral Home, in Huntington, WV.

The four years of the American Civil War were the most turbulent years of our young countryís development. Approximately four million Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines, fought in this terrible conflict, with brother literally fighting against brother and families rent apart. After one million casualties, and four long bloody years, our Nation was reunited into the present United States of America. It was with the sacrifices of so many that we enjoy our united country today.

The Sons of Union Veterans is a National, State and Local organization dedicated to honoring and remembering the sacrifices of the men and women of the American Civil War.

The ceremony is under the direction of the Cadot-Blessing Camp #126 SUVCW in Gallipolis, Ohio, along with Matthew Chambers of the Ferrell-Chambers Funeral Home in Huntington, WV. The ceremony will consist of a horse drawn hearse, circa 1900, provided by Schneider-Griffin Funeral Home of Chesapeake, OH .The hearse will be driven by Bill Archibald, of Briar Patch Stables, Clendenin, WV, with twin Golden Percheron horses. The entourage will form in front of Ferrell-Chambers Funeral Home located at 20th St. and 9th Ave. and proceed to Springhill Cemetery. Leading the hearse will be an honor guard, carrying the SUVCW flag along with a 34 star Union Flag, and Civil War military re-enactors, all led by a fife and drum unit. Following the hearse will be the casket honor guard, the descendents of Pvt. Gillispie, along with Ladies in Mourning.

 This will make up the rest of the procession. Upon reaching the cemetery the simple pine box casket with rope handles will be removed from the hearse and placed over the grave. The casket will be draped with a 34 star Flag and will be folded and presented to Joyce Saunders, the great granddaughter of Pvt. Gillispie. The ceremony is taken from the 1890 Ritual & Ceremonies Manual of the Sons of Union Veterans. The Camp Chaplain will speak along with the Jr. Vice Commander Henry Myers, Sr. Vice Commander Roger Caldwell, and the Commander James Oiler. Leila McClintock will provide period violin music. Military Commander of the Brigade will be Ron McClintock.  Commander James  Oiler of the SUVCW camp will introduce Robert Leith, instructor in history of the Ohio University Southern Campus for remarks concerning The Civil War.  Christopher Saunders, great, great, grandson of Pvt. Gillispie will read the eulogy. The firing of the salute will be by Battery L of the Ohio Light Artillery Regiment and the firing by muskets by the various infantry units in rank. Ken Freshley, the Ohio Department Commander of the SUVCW will present a wreath in honor of all the Union soldiers of this conflict.

The Cadot-Blessing Camp would like to thank the city of Huntington for their fine cooperation. We also would like to thank Ivan Kapp of the WV department of highways, Senator Robert Byrdís office, Ferrell-Chambers Funeral Home, Schneider-Griffin Funeral Home, Briar Patch Stables, and the Guyandotte Civil War Committee for their contributions in this endeavor.