Fearing Camp #2

Induction of a "Real Son" 





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     Gen.Benjamin D. Fearing, Camp #2, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) would like to invite you to the induction of a "Real Son" into our camp at our March 4th meeting.  The Camp is comprised of Decendants of honorably discharged Civil War Veterans.  For more information on the SUVCW visit ttp://www.ohiosuv.com/default.htm  
    Claremont Deem, age 93, a resident of Kanawha in Wood County, WV, is the son of Cpl. John Deem who was mustered into Co. E of the 11th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry  on August 28,1862.   Cpl. Deem remained with the Regiment until it was mustered out on June 17, 1865.(see http://www.wvcivilwar.com/11thinf.shtml for more information on the 11th WVINF)  His father is buried in the Westfall Cemetary, Smithville, WV. His tombstone denoted his Civil War service. During a meeting with Claremont Deem by Commander Scott Britton, James Miracle and Marvin Miracle in December Mr. Deem related that his father was 69 when he was born and that he was 9 when his dad died on October 22nd 1920. Mr. Deem also told the group about his life adventures and work which included leaving home at an early age, because he thought his family had enough mouths to feed. He has worked at a wide variety of jobs and loves blacksmithing. Many of his blacksmithing items decorate his yard and home in Kanawha.
     The Brothers of the Camp are honored to have a "Real Son" join us in or Fraternal Order. The number of "Real Sons" has been reduced more every year and to have found an undocumented "Real Son" living in our area was a unexpected pleasure. We would also like to note that there is a "Real Daughter", Rachel Perine, living in Parkersburg also.
Our meetings are held at the American Legion Post located at 8th & Wooster Street in Marietta, OH.
In case of severe weather the meeting will be postponed until  April 1st. Please contact Commander Scott Britton (740-376-0323) , Jr Vice Cmmander James Miracle (304-285-3046) or (304-488-2307).if the weather is in question for that day..